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    With its large target alerts and depth readouts, you won’t miss any treasure on this screen. Final Verdict – Some people prefer really clear displays and the Fisher Gold Bug gives you a large LCD screen with easy to read target identification.

    Consider using the best metal detector for the beach if you intend to use them on a beach, lake, river, etc. Most of the people who love treasure hunting tend to buy metal detectors.

    Redefine the range by just a single press of a button which allows you to extend or narrow your search range seamlessly. It can scan in 360-degrees which mean that it has the ability to detect multiple metal objects at a time. Detects coin-sized metal objects which are buried even 8 inches in the ground. Detects all types of metals including gold, iron, copper, steel, silver and much more. It can also be operated in an all-metal mode and its advanced level preset mode nullifies the detection of minerals and ores present in the soil.

    The National Geographic Pro Series features 4 sensitivity levels and 3 detection modes to make your treasure hunting easy and productive. This sleek and ergonomic metal detector is not only great for novice treasure hunters but for advanced hunters as well. For the beginner, this is a great choice for a metal detector that will serve you well for many years to come.

    The particular weakened revisiting magnetic field transmission is first increased, so when it gets to the command pack, the system will be sending unique sounds to the earphones that accompany the detector. A receiving coil transmits info toward the metallic sensor control system by way of a connected cable. The detector will use this particular signal through realising alternating currents.

    A disc/notch control feature of the TK4 further eliminates any unwanted metals from detection. Sensitivity settings are automatically maintained without needing users to always make changes to the TK4′ circuitry settings. Often, the Coinmaster has been compared to other units such as the Ace 250, but is sold cheaper.

    Watching her pick up the Garrett Ace 250 so easily and having so much success locating finds, it was easy to crown this product as our top choice for beginners. I gave it to a friend of mine who wanted to see what it was like to go treasure hunting. This is a good-quality detector that beginners can use, but it has enough special features to allow treasure hunters to learn and grow with repeated use. Ok, let’s start by looking closely at our choices for the best beginner metal detectors. Advantage of metal detectors with a fixed ground balance can be considered as the ability to use it without having any special knowledge, experience and knowing how to set the ground balance manually.

    Complementing the discrimination feature are the different sensitivity modes which allow the device to focus on the target. The Classic Metal Detector provides two search modes, the first of which is the All Metal Mode. The coil also comes built-in with a ground balance feature which keeps minerals away from appearing in the search results of this device.