She first summoned a “god” for each color of magic


I play both classes a lot. When I use blade barrage in pvp with multiple people in sight, I usually get all of them. With nova bomb, it up to how the tracking decides to work. That’s game. You don’t win after that. If you’re UCF, you gotta make the fundamental play.

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And maybe have bleed also slow enemies? Nade launcher should do damage AND set the area on fire, making it decent AoE damage, and be good for clearing mobs. Tac50 should be used for armor shred. Big bois should lose that piece of armor that got shot.

As CTS News reported, He said she felt something get in her eye. Thinking it was only dirt, she cleaned her eye out with water and did not rub her eyes much for the rest of the day. She didn’t think much of it until her eyes began to swell up that night and she experienced a stinging pain that made her tear up..

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