Please don take this as a attack


Low Effort posts are subject to removal. Having so few of each card can make the deck inconsistent, and in this case a lot of the filler cards aren contributing much to the deck goal. The three things all your cards share is landfall, getting a counter when you draw a card, and being expensive.

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I didn’t get the build up to the match. Batista is one of the biggest Hollywood stars on the planet and one of the most well known wrestlers to the general public. The idea he needed to beat up flair to get triple H’s attention and then needed to beg for a match is dumb.

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Decide whether to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry guns in schools, on colleges, at polling places, in houses of worship, in state and local government buildings and parks, etc., Erika Lamb of Everytown explained to CBS News. Say that same restriction applies to those who have a concealed carry permit. Twenty states also restrict guns on college campuses.